Menus: Desserts

Devils food cake with chocolate mousse and a crunchy crepe layer, candied hazelnuts and chocolate sauce

Napoleon's Smile
Flaky puff pastry layered with whipped mascarpone cream and fresh strawberries

"Big Apple" Tart
Thinly sliced apples tossed with raisins, cinnamon and nutmeg, served on a crispy French crust and topped with vanilla ice cream

Banana Fry
Lightly fried banana, served with vanilla ice cream and a coconut caramel sauce, topped with a chocolate praline crisp

Le Cheese-Cake
New York style cheesecake served on a Graham cracker lemon crust, topped with seasonal berries and tarragon gelee

Dessert Drinks (Drink/Bottle)

  • Avion Espresso $15/$325
  • Grand Marnier $15/$350
  • Patron Cafe $15/$350
  • Sandeman Port $15/$325