Sky Room’s Guide to New York City Slang While Staying at NYC’s Times Square

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Getting around New York City is already tough enough with our undecipherable subway maps and unbearable foot traffic. Because of that we decided to put together a quick list of terms that should help you get around from the Times Square area to just about anywhere in the outer boroughs!

It’s no secret that New Yorkers have their own lingo. From classic gangster films to Hip Hop catchphrases, NYC is the home of the original goingviral when it comes to slang words/terms. 

Here’s a list of terms and items we think will help out on your amazing New York City vacation! Enjoy the sights, control the shopping and come see us for pre-theater or after theater drinks! 


Any borough of NYC that is not Manhattan, namely Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island. Mainly used by Manhattan elitists who do not consider the four other boroughs part of NYC property- but it is.


The original slang term for 42nd Street and it should be easy enough to figure out why, so when you’re away in one of the Outer Boroughs and want to get back to the Times Square area, briefly ask any rushing New Yorker: “Which way to Forty-Deuce?” 

By the way, we’re (Sky Room) in the area too, directly towards The Hudson! So if you’re feeling like a real New Yorker, ask any traffic cop to point you towards it!


The Hudson River. A 315-mile (507 km) river that flows from north to south primarily through eastern New York in the United States. The river originates in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York, flows southward through the Hudson Valley to the Upper New York Bay between New York City and Jersey City. It eventually drains into the Atlantic Ocean at New York Harbor. The river serves as a political boundary between the states of New Jersey and New York at its southern end. [2]

“You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together.” -Anthony Bourdain

After schlepping your way through all the sites and sounds of our magical town, be sure to refuel for the fast-paced nightlife scene NYC has to offer. Here are a few brief terms that will help you grab a bite on your way back to your hotel for a wardrobe change!


A pie is the short name for an entire Pizza Pie here in NYC. 

Dollar Slice

When you don’t have the appetite or crew for an entire pie, A Dollar Slice is what you want. That’s simply a slice from the pizza pie that will only cost you $1.00! Lucky for you and I these pizza places are plentiful in this neighborhood! 

Halal aka “Street Meat”

New York halal usually consists of some combination of rice, greens, and halal meat either in a shallow foil dish or in a sandwich, usually with a red and white sauce to top it all off. This is served from street cart food vendors, to-go, and take less than ten minutes to hand over. The longer the line for one of these Hala trucks/carts, the better it’s supposed to taste. 


While our local Firefighters and Police Officers are heroes to the community, the term “Hero,” also refers to HUGE sandwiches served at local Bodegas! 

According to Bon Appetit, the name hero probably came about when Clementine Paddleworth coined it in a food column for the New York Herlad Tribune in 1936.

What’d Paddleworth write? That the sandwich was so large, “you had to be a hero to eat it.” Yes, Paddleworth, we are all heroes for eating heroes indeed. [3]


The word comes from the Spanish la bodega which means grocery store. According to Time, the term used to be primarily used to refer to the bodegas found in Spanish speaking neighborhoods in NYC.

Of course, the term is used with frequency in Spanish-speaking populations to describe grocery stores, but in NYC they describe something else entirely. They’re a place where you can buy a quart of milk for $1.50, a sandwich, beer, and toothpaste, all in the same place.

More than that, they’re a place for New Yorkers to frequent and feel a sense of community. [4]


This is a fairly new addition to the Only-in-NYC list, but we’ve heard it and we love it!

While you’re wandering around Times Square, come up to Sky Room and pay us a visit. Occupying the 33rd and 34th floor of the Fairfield Inn & Suites Times Square by Marriott and the Four Points Times Square by Sheraton, the bi-level ultra lounge transports guests to a high energy oasis atop 40th Street and offers five distinct spaces: the North Terrace with its retractable roof,  the South Terrace with its private cabanas, the Times Square Lounge, the Cube Balcony, and the Candlelight Lounge.

Get Outta Here!

This is exactly what it sounds like, but can be directed in a playful way, as well. New Yorkers also use it instead of the word(s)/term(s): unbelievableno way, no effing way, never! You catch the drift, right? 

You might also hear this at the club if you’ve overstayed your welcome, so drink responsibly and we hope to see you soon! 

P.S. – If you’re thinking of visiting Times Square or NYC for the New Year’s Eve Celebrations, give our NYE Party a look and join us! Ticket information can be found here!