How Bottle Service Works at Clubs & Rooftops in NYC

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What Is Bottle Service At A Club?
An acquaintance tells you about his or her experience at a club, gushing about how great the night was and about how much they enjoyed the bottle service they received. But just what is bottle service, anyway?”

Bottle service is becoming more and more popular at clubs across the United States, specifically in major cities like New York, Las Vegas and Miami. Many people just aren’t sure what it means to get bottle service at a club. That’s why we put this quick guide together to answer the question: “What is bottle service at a club?

About Bottle Service
Bottle service is a VIP experience offered at nightclubs and day parties. With bottle service, individuals make reservations for reserved tables that are catered to by servers. Individuals who make reservations, and their guests, are able to use the table or area for the duration of the party. The group is served drinks from bottles that are purchased by the group. All alcohol is purchased by the bottle rather than by the glass, which is how bottle service got its name.

How Bottle Service Works
When booking bottle service at a club, you’ll be asked how many guests you wish guaranteed admittance to the club along with yourself. This amount will affect the price of your agreed to spend. Upon arrival, you’ll be directed to your table and a server will come to take your order.

You can purchase as many different bottles of alcohol as you wish from a list that will be provided to you, as long as you reach the minimum amount you agreed to spend during booking. The server will bring the bottles ordered, as well as a standard assortment of mixers. (Normally, clubs will supply tonic, seltzer, orange juice and cranberry juice.) Plus, you’ll get garnishes like lemons, limes and olives. Mixers can be refilled an unlimited number of times, and the server can get other mixers that you request, such a pineapple juice. 

Why Choose Bottle Service?
One of the biggest advantages is the expedited entry to the club, which can be very desirable at hot spots with difficult doors. A reserved table gives you and your party a place to regroup, chat and chill between dancing. Bottle Service also gets you ahead of the line, so there is no waiting time to get the party going! 

Cost of Bottle Service
When comparing the cost of a bottle to the cost of an individual cocktail, Bottle Service makes sense. For example, a bottle of Absolut that costs $300 for bottle service up here at Sky Room can provide roughly 18 vodka & club soda drinks, making the cost per drink around $20. With cocktail prices at clubs in NYC often ranging from $15 to $20+, you wouldn’t be spending much more for the bottle service than what your group would pay to order 18 vodka club sodas. 

The private section, no entry fee, expedited service, not having to fight your way to get to the bar to get a drink makes sense with the comfort.

Getting Bottle Service At A Club
Every club has its own policies regarding bottle service, but nearly all of them require advanced booking.
The hottest clubs are often booked well in advance, so it can be difficult to secure a table at many establishments unless you know someone.

For bottle service at any club, we recommend you check out their website, and check out bottle prices and packages.
Otherwise, contact the club by phone to reserve a table.

Keep in mind that most clubs will have a minimum bottle purchase requirement dependent on the number of guests you wish to host at that table. 


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