How To Spend The Most Instagrammable Fall Weekend in NYC

By September 24, 2018Blog
Instagrammable NYC Guide by Sky Room New York City

How To Spend An Instagram Worthy Time in NYC

Instagrammable Autumn is here and she wasted no time!

The leaves were just green days ago, now piling up on sidewalks all over the city in tones of pale yellows and paper-bag-browns. Sky Room has put together a quick list of Instagrammable places to see when spending just a few days in NYC, this Fall.

Here are our ways on: “How To Spend The Most Instagrammable Fall Weekend in NYC.

Central Park Foliage – Instagram Meter:  📸📸📸📸📸
Cost: FREE

From vibrant reds, oranges and yellows in The North Woods to deep bronzes from the Kwanzan Cherry Trees on the west side’s Reservoir, there is no better place to spend a day taking photos than Central Park.

With more colors than the rainbow, and the fact that it is free, it’s an absolute MUST during your stay, this Autumn. Check out their awesome map of all the foliage happening in Central Park, here.

Empire State Building 
– Instagram Meter:  📸📸📸📸
Cost: $37-$175

Downtown Manhattan is cool and all, but climbing to the top of most skyscrapers there won’t give you the best views and feel for how grand NYC is. Not only will you miss seeing a bustling midtown below in full swing, but you’ll never really understand the magic of having Times Square right under your feet.

And, if unobstructed Eastern and Western views are not reason enough to visit the most iconic building in history, then maybe its breathtaking Sunrise is. 

Fun Fact: The Empire State Building is the first building in human history to exceed 100 floors.


And What About Some Instagram Pop Ups, You Ask?

Candytopia New York 
– Instagram Meter:  📸📸📸

Cost: $34

The world of Instagram Pop Ups, aka, art exhibits designed for specifically attempting to help you go viral, is now a reality. Candytopia capitalizes on that and your sweet-tooth by providing a grown up version of Chuck E. Cheese for your IG.

Grab tickets here and read some info to plan one of these Insta Pop Ups into your NYC trip. 

Nightmare Machine – Instagram Meter:  📸📸📸
Cost: $38 beginning October 3rd, 2018. Get Tickets.

If venturing out of “The City” into Williamsburg is on the agenda, you’ll find one of the OG Pop-Ups out is putting on a special Halloween edition.  The insta-famous Dream Machine presents the Nightmare Machine. It’s the latest Instagram Pop Up specifically designed for and running til—Halloween

Sky Room NYC 
– Instagram Meter:  📸📸📸📸📸
Cost: Free-$20

And, if Instagram Pop Ups are really your thing, then pop on up to NYC’s Highest Rooftop Party Lounge, too. 

Above all, you can grab drinks and toast to the naturally instagrammable backgrounds of Manhattan, while here. The only art exhibits here are the views that you’ll want to have those cameras in-hand and ready for. And why not listen to a little music, enjoy some scrumptious bites and dance the night away under the stars?

Sky Room is open every Thursday from 5pm-2am, and on Friday and Saturday nights from 5pm-4am.

To see what’s happening here, go to our Calendar

We hope you enjoy NYC to the fullest while you’re in town this Fall.

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