Where To Ice Skate in NYC: The Most Epic Winter Question, Ever

By November 17, 2017Blog
Where To Skate in NYC

Where To Ice Skate in NYC: Bryant Park

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, more family members than you’re used to hanging around, and ice skating! So here is Where To Ice Skate in NYC, guide by Sky Room

Welcome to our “Where To Ice Skate in NYC” Guide.

One of the most epic questions we get during Winter Season here in NYC, goes something like this:

“Do you recommend Rockefeller Center or Central Park, for ice skating?”

So what’s the answer? Well, let’s find out. 

Central Park – Wollman Rink
The skating rink in Central Park is open from 10AM – 6PM, daily (Weather permitting, of course). $12 admission on Mondays thru Thursdays, $9 for skates (unless you bring your own) and $5 for a locker rental. That’s a grand total of $26 dollars. You can skate the entire time the rink is open with no time limits.

Speed skates allowed.

Rockefeller Center – The Rink
“The Rink” at Rockefeller Center operates a bit differently. There are time-limited sessions (90 minutes) throughout the day for ice-skating. This allows everyone the chance to Instagram it up and get their money’s worth because it ain’t cheap and the lines are normally long.

General Admission will cost you $25 plus another $12 for ice skate rentals. That’s $11 more than Central Park. Reservations are not possible here, which means it is first come, first serve. You’ll be waiting for hours (during peak season) with all the tourists before you get a chance to skate. VIP Reservations can run up to $150 per person. 

Speed skates not allowed. FAQ‘s

The Rink at Bryant Park
Open everyday from 8PM – 10PM, the ice skating here is FREE. Skate rental is $20, but you can also bring your own. Lockers are also FREE here, but you need a lock, which they will rent you. That will run you another $10. Bag check is available, too.

Speed skates allowed.

While Central Park wins for Best Value, the other two options also have some great experiences to be noted.
Breakfast with Santa,” at The Rink gets you a view of the famous bronze statue of the Greek Titan Prometheus where you will sit for a full breakfast. It also includes entry and admission to the skating rink, and a photo op with good ole Saint Nick! 

For those of you that have found it hard to let go of that college ID, you’re in luck! The Rink at Bryant Park hosts a series of College Night experiences where that ID can get you a bunch of perks. Check out their programming here for more details. Don’t forget that we are a just few blocks away from Bryant Park offering great Happy Hour deal and a beautiful setting to unwind with some cocktails, after skating. Coat check is FREE during Happy Hour. 

So, there you have it. Now you too know and can tell your visiting cousins Where To Ice Skate in NYC, this Holiday Season! And if after nightfall you’d like to pursue your icy endeavors with some ice in a glass, come up to Sky Room to try a specialty cocktail or two. 

Happy Holidays! 

Where To Ice Skate in NYC

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